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Dry mortar mixer horizontal spiral conveyor damage reason



Dry mortar mixer horizontal spiral conveyor damage reason
Mortar mixer with horizontal screw conveyors, also called spiral elevator, screw conveyor. There are many users in the use of dry mortar mixer for production operations, mostly cause by  a screw conveyor. Henan Better Heavy Industry following machine small series bring to you a detailed understanding.
If a new horizontal mortar mixers appear in the process of working out problems, there are two main reasons: one is the motor turning inside out, the second is the mixing blades of screw conveyor around gap is too big. Cause damage to the horizontal spiral conveyor blade dry mortar mixer: what are the reasons?
1,the spiral conveyor blade is too thin, for screw conveyor without shaft, its blade is the whole point, so if the blade is too thin it will screw conveyorhas a certain influence on feeding.
2,the smaller wheelbase between the spiral conveyor blade, increase the extrusion force between them. When powder output or sheet material, blade would be directly destroyed.
3, Conveyor's diameter is too small. Pipe diameter too small, in delivering the items, can lead to great pressure, so that the blade was seriously damaged
Powder mixer in the later work in the production process, be sure to carefully review all parts of the conveyor whether got problems, so that ensure the normal operation of horizontal powder mixers
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