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Daily maintenance of YHZS25 concrete mixing plant



the material of concrete is water, sand, stone, cement, dust and crumbs, etc. On the one hand, These substances are easy to block the machine device, On the other hand,they are corrosive.So,the mixer for cleaning and maintenance should be regular,or the life and the efficiency of the mixer will be greatly reduced.

Ready mix concrete plants daily maintenance steps : 

1 Air compressor should be placed, fixed, well ventilated 。
2 Mixing blade adjustment must be tightened once a week, in order to prevent the leaf loss caused by accidents.
3 After downtime in winter, it should drain away water in water supply system and admixture supply .
4 Keep clear of the product material inside the hopper in time, making the sensor normal back to zero.
5 Mixer and the hopper should be cleaned once every four hours, in order to avoid residual concrete consolidation, interfere with the normal operation.
6 Check lubricating oil of all lubricating points is enough or not . Oil mist detector of gas circuit system should maintain enough oil.
7 After using six months , checking and supplying the rotational parts bearing lubricating oil.

Application of concrete mixing plant  :

Mainly used in highway, railway, construction. bridges, ports and the airport . Most of the concrete pavement structures are reinforced concrete member,such as the structure of the base, beam, column, board, Bridges, etc.

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