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Control system Operating instructions


1.Must thoroughly understand the process of mixing plant, such as aggregate ingredients form, the material feeding order, Conditions for stirring discharge.
2.Must be familiar with the actuating elements controlled by the operation panel buttons,such as motor, solenoid valve.
3.Must be familiar with the contactors and terminal actuators controlled by the load switches in the power cabinet.
4.When the power cabinet is powered, first send the power to the main switch, then send the power to the branch switch, and observe the voltmeter work voltage is 380 + 5%V.
5.operating steps:
aFirst open the main switch, and then open the each branch switch,send power to the operating console and control system,Open the "emergency stop" button, turn the "manual / automatic" knob to "manual" file, Start the air compressor, pressurize to the air pressure system, and turn on the computer and the instrument, preheat for more than 5 minutes, press the bell to alert all the presence of the staff to ensure they are in safe working position.
bStart the host, oblique belt, flat belt, when starting should attention to whether the contactor's sound is normal in the distribution cabinet, especially the star angle starting contactor,to prevent contactor adhesion caused damage to the motor.
cCheck the matching notice, cement label, determine the cement warehouse number and admixture tank number match the actual.
dWhen the working pressure of the air compressor is above 4 pressure,manual switch the midway cylinder door and the main engine discharging door,by observing the limit indicator lamp, confirm the midway cylinder door and the main engine unloading door switch freely to be ready for production.
eRotate the "Manual / Auto" knob to "Auto", set the required ratio in the running flow chart,Enter the car production square, fill out the delivery order in detail, which can start production.
6.During the operation of the equipment, the operator shall observe the monitor, instrument and computer operation diagram in real time, and if abnormal, it should be changed to manual processing, so that the maintenance personnel can eliminate the trouble in time. Repair and clean the mixer and other equipment, be sure to disconnect the air switch,after the warning sign is hoisted in the operating room can be operated,to ensure personal safety.
7.Failure in the automatic production to be changed to manual processing,must first click the pause button on the diagram, and then click the Continue button on the program's diagram when you've finished processing.
8.When a failure occurs in the production process can not be automatically produced,need to click on the reset button on the program diagram to perform the next production. And before the next production to confirm the measurement scales, halfway cylinder, belt, the host without material.
9.In the process of equipment operation, we should pay attention to the change of equipment running in the computer flowchart, find the problem and intervene in time to prevent malfunction or enlarge the fault.
10.When the host mixer, we must observe whether the ammeter pointer fluctuation is stable, if there is abnormality, the judgment is the equipment problem or the proportioning problem, and contact with the maintenance personnel or the laboratory personnel in time to get rid of.
11.When the host is stirring, it is forbidden to open the host observation window, observe the stirring situation to prevent the host from power off.
12.When the two-time departure interval of more than 5 minutes, should stop the oblique belt, flat belt, dust machine, mixer, to save power. If the interval reaches more than 30 minutes, the mixer should be rinsed to prevent concrete solidification.
13.When the work is finished, rinse concrete material within the host,The air compressor, the air storage tank and the gas path are discharged water,In case the water vapor affects the pneumatic components, easy to use next time.

Note: The washing machine is only used for flushing the inside of the host, and it is forbidden to flush other equipment and parts to prevent leakage.

14.After work every day, put the additive in the additive box back into the additive tank to prevent crystallization.At the same time flush additives storage boxes and additive scales, to prevent crystallization produced by additive metering valve and delivery valve jammed additive board, affecting the use of.

15.After the operation of the equipment, should pay attention to the order of power outages, stop the control power, pay attention to when cleaning equipment, should ensure that the equipment to power off, and send special guards.
16.Winter construction, at the end of the work, the sand warehouse should be emptied to prevent the next day sand freezing, affecting the use. The water tank should also be kept clean to prevent frozen.
17.Winter construction, pay attention to ensure the normal operation of thermal insulation equipment, in order to prevent the temperature caused by the valve action is not flexible.
18.To prohibit the extra large power plug computer socket electrical equipment (such as heating, stove, etc.) will also prohibit the access to the operating table control circuit, avoid burning control transformer.
19.It is forbidden to plug the communication line between the host computer and PLC to prevent the burning of the communication port.