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What is the advantage of concrete pump?


Henan Better concrete pump adopts advanced S tube valve commutation, can meet the delivery of concrete.S pipe valve is equipped with a floating wear ring, automatically compensate the wear, good sealing, use high hard glasses plate and the cutting ring, wear-resistant alloy materials, longer life, outlet pressure is high, can satisfy the requirement of top casting and the construction of the long distance transmission, hydraulic system adopt double circuit open system, the reversing speed is quick and efficient advanced air cooling heat dissipation system, the hydraulic oil cooling windowsill, without water, simple to use, with the pump function minimize any blockage, equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system, ensure the service life of the rotating part, electrical part adopts PLC control, which has the best operating characteristics, electrical box is equipped with wired remote control handle, easy to operation.

Concrete pump advantage: full mechanized operation, is one hundred times of pouring concrete, shorten the construction period.with good continuity of pouring concrete, high transmission series save the labor cost.due to the small size, construction is convenient, simple operation, can be directly casting floor, greatly reduces the labor intensity.This pump configuration is high, light weight, mobile convenience of easy maintenance, low maintenance costs.