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Concrete pump, basic information about Concrete Pump


 Pump, also known as truck-mounted concrete pumps, concrete along the pipe lines using pressure continuous transportation machines.

Pump body and duct components. According to its structure into the piston, squeezing, pressure diaphragm type.

Pump mounted on the chassis of the car, equipped with retractable or twist the boom to form pump. Truck-mounted concrete pump truck chassis on the transformation of, it is the movement and power transmission device is installed in the chassis, pumping and mixing devices, material devices and other auxiliary devices.

Concrete pump trucks powered by dynamic transfer case transfer engine power to the hydraulic pump or rear axle, hydraulic driven pump pushes the piston concrete pump. Then use pump truck boom and pipe, concrete delivery to a certain height and distance.


1. Arm of concrete pump truck boom height is the fully started, the maximum verticaldistance between the top of the ground and BOOM. Its primary argument for boom height and theoretical throughput. Arm height and theoretical throughput is serialized. 

2. Can be classified by its arm height: short arm (13~28m), the long arm (31~47m), super long arm (51~62m).

3. Can be classified by its theoretical throughput: small (44~87m3/h), medium (90~130m3/h), large (150~230m3/h).

4. When concrete of concrete pump outlet pressure pressure of pump concrete can be divided into: low pressure (2.5~5.0MPa), medium (6.1~8.5MPa) and high pressure (10.0~18.0MPa) and high pressure (22.0MPa).

5. Classified according to the number of boom: 2, 3, 4, 5 arm. Zoom lion has developed at present six-arm pump, the same arm length, six-section arm five arm cloth height increase compared to 15%, fabric range more 20%, more flexible, no fabric corner.


6. According to its driving modes can be divided into: Auto engine, trailer engine and single engine-driven.