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concrete production equipment


Concrete production equipment is the concrete mixing plant equipment,concrete production line according to the different needs of users, the equipment is different, but the main equipment is the same,can be divided into five parts, the main mixing, weighing system, material conveying system, storage system and control system. Different specifications of concrete production line is the same as the main equipment, but the production capacity of different sizes:

Mixing is used JS double axle forced type concrete mixer, it can stir liquidity, semi dry and dry concrete etc..
2.Material weighing system
Material weighing system is the key component of concrete quality and concrete production cost. It is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing.
3.Material conveyor system
1).Aggregate transportation:There are two kinds of mixing plant: hopper conveyor and belt conveyor.The advantages of bucket lifting are small footprint and simple structure. Belt conveyor has the advantages of large transmission distance, high efficiency and low failure rate.
2).Powder transport; concrete powder can be used mainly cement, fly ash and slag. The use of the powder conveyor is a screw conveyor, a large mixing plant using pneumatic conveying and scraper conveyor. The advantages of screw conveyor is simple structure, low cost, reliable use.
3).Liquid transfer mainly refers to water and liquid admixtures, they are transported by the pump.
4.Material storage system   
Concrete materials available for storage are basically the same. Aggregate open-air pile (there are large-scale commercial concrete mixing plant closed silo); powder with a fully enclosed steel structure cement storage; admixture with steel container storage.  
5.Control system

The mixing plant control system is the central nerve of the whole set of equipment. Control system according to the different requirements of users and the size of mixing plant have different functions and preparation, in general, the construction site can be used for small mixing plant control system is simple, and large-scale mixing plant system is relatively complex.