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Concrete mixing station pavement construction points for attention



We know that the concrete mixing plant has a large number of applications , such as in building, in  bridges, in roads, in pipelines and other fields  . Matters needing attention in the field of each are different , Now in the market the most popular are asphalt , so what problem we need to pay attention to in the construction of asphalt pavement .

when the traditional project construction is completed, only after a week or two weeks can the staff handle the asphalt road surface . While the foam regeneration asphalt layer can be directly combined with asphalt after construction of three days . Second , the main funds are wasted on milling planer materials processing in the traditional maintenance scheme . If you adopt foam asphalt flexible base with special structure strength , avoiding the cracks of shrinkage . It can also make the life of the highway more long . In addition , if we use the cool regenerated technology in pavement maintenance , according to relevant data statistics, it can save 20% to 40% of the maintenance cost .


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