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whether concrete mixing station investment cost is high



Right now the new rural construction is under way , each investment businessman want to invest in a concrete mixing plant , in order to make some money . But they have a lot of problems , one is that they don't know what need to buy , the second is that they are worried about concrete mixing station having no market prospect . Today we will talk with friends from all over the world about it .

Projects are generally roads, construction and bridges in the new rural , the project general is that it is not very tall to the requirement of equipment . So when you are buying equipment , you don't need to buy too large model , such as HZS25 , HZS35 and HZS50 can completely meet your demand . So the whole equipment is the hundreds of thousands of yuan . In addtion , the mixing station generally cover a small area , So not to mention the rental housing problem . The rest is to hire employee problem , such as the operator , support staff and support staff . The whole investment is the above metioned .

As for the future , the prospect of it is very big , now the new countryside just start .Walk into some new rural construction site casually , you will found everywhere demolition, building, road and bridge . And in this among them, the concrete must be needed , this must be used the concrete mixing station , this is market prospects . Now the new countryside is only the beginning , a lot of places haven't started yet . Concrete mixing station will greatly be used in later years .

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