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Concrete mixing station common failures and troubleshooting methods



Due to the staff's wrong operation , concrete mixing plantappears all kinds of problems , such as powder conveying is slow , the belt running deviation , aggregate feeding door blocking materials , belt skid in a rainy day , belt damage , The belt delivery is uneven , mixing host trip , there is no signal in mixer discharge door . So what are the reasons for these failures? How to solve?The following we will talk about it in detail .

1 powder conveying slowly : the reason is that powder tank is not free or damage of screw conveyor . Mainly processing method is opening arch breaker gas blowing , Second , the staff should adjust powder tank unloading valve , making sure that it is in a state of full open . Last , the staff should check whether there is material caking phenomenon at the powder tank outlet .

2 belt running deviation : the reason is that the external force beared by adhesive tape on the adhesive tape width direction of the resultant force is not zero . There are many kinds of treatment methods , it mainly includes the adjustment method of the tensioning mechanism , the adjustment of roller , the adjustment of rack , remove sticky material , adjust the adhesive tape .

3 Aggregate feeding door blocking materials : the reason is stone blocking , making the pneumatic door cannot be opened , the processing method is to replace the small gap .

4 belt skid in a rainy day : aggregate contains water and the belt itself is easy to damp in the rainy day , the friction between the belt and driving roller is reduced . Treatment methods include : Tighten belt , adjust the tensioning roller around the transmission drum , increasing the angle . Increasing the weight of belt tensioning device.

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