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Concrete mixing station buy matters needing attention


1. The performance of the construction of concrete label;In order to choose what kind of mixing console. Such as water conservancy project must choose compulsory mixing console. Additional, still should according to the mixing concrete material type selecting ingredients station and storage bin.

2. Construction time limit for a project and volume concrete task; With the two parameters to decide how to use the specification of mixing plant.Consideration in the selection of finished concrete transportation condition. Such as: direct pumping or transport vehicles. Transportation vehicle volume is also decided to main types of important basis.
3. The construction environment and construction object; When choosing to buy concrete mixing station, should fully consider the effect of construction object and environment, so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality. 
4.Operating personnel quality; Structure is simple, in general, small mixing station control system is simple, so the low required for operation and maintenance personnel. And larger stand structure is complex, high degree of automation, so taller also to the requirement of the operating personnel. So when you are buying station in addition to consider several factors in front.
5. Configuration choice; In general, the manufacturer has a mature product configuration, such as specification, quantity, variety, etc. You can in the product when ordering your special request. We will try our best to meet your requirements. But avoid by all means go in for grandiose projects when the choose and buy products, it will cause economic don't don't waste. 

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