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The correct way of using the concrete mixing station batching machine



Concrete mixing plant ingredients machine is fully automatic , which can automatically complete sand ratio of cement and other materials . It plays an important role in the production of concrete . Then what is the distinguishing feature of it?Today henan better will talk about it in detail.

It not only has various combinations , but also the weighing is very accurate . In addtion , machine adopts split type layout structure , making the material feeding is very convenient . It can be used with various mixing plant . Its operation is very simple , equipped with a high degree of automation .Although it has so many advantages, but it also need the correct operation when you using it . Otherwise the machine will often fail . First of all , Before starting, you must ensure that measuring is empty state , otherwise, it requires human to reset it . If the controller doesn't work suddenly , it should be restarted . It is often blocked sometimes , the workers should pay attention to clean it at this moment .

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