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Safety operating procedures for concrete mixing plant


1.The installed concrete mixing plant shall be carried out by the professional personnel according to the instructions provided by the factory, and debugging under the guidance of technical staff, in the technical performance indicators are in conformity with the provisions and after acceptance, can be put into use.

2.Air compressors, belt conveyor and concrete mixer and other corollary equipment with concrete mixing plant.

3.Should be according to the technical performance of the concrete mixing plant prepared qualified sand, stone aggregate, particle size beyond the permitted range shall not be used.

4.The unit parts should start step by step.After start-up, the workings of the parts and the instructions in the instrument should be normal, the pressure of the oil, gas, water should comply with the requirements, can begin to work.

5.Operation process, in the reservoir area and under the bucket,the entry is strictly prohibited

6.Mixing drum should be covered before starting. Mechanical operation, is strictly prohibited hand, foot into the hopper or mixing drum.

7.When the mixer is fully loaded with stirring, it shall not stop. In the event of failure or power failure, immediately turn off the power, lock the switch box, clear the concrete inside the mixing drum, and then remove the fault or wait for the power to recover.

8.Mixing plant shall not be overloaded operation; should check the motor running, when abnormal sound or temperature rise is too high, should immediately stop and check; voltage is too low can not be forced to run.

9.Before the machine is shut down, it should be unloaded, and then turn off the switch and pipeline in order. All the cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out, and any material in the pipe shall not be retained.

10.After operation, should clean up the mixing drum, the discharge door and the hopper, and rinse with water, while washing additives and its supply system. Weighing system knife seat, knife-edge should be cleaned, and should ensure that the weighing accuracy.

11.Freezing season, The water in the water pump, the additive pump, the water tank and the additive tank should be exhausted

and should start the pump and the additional agent pump running 1 - 2min.

12.When the mixing plant is transferred or stopped, the water tank, the additional agent box, cement, sand, stone storage hopper and the material in the weighing hopper are discharged and cleaned. Transfer, should be a lever balance weight balance scale meter fixed, the sensor should be unloaded.