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How to eliminate concrete mixing plant middle transition warehouse does not feeding problems


 Commercial concrete batching plant work for a long time,for the operator,to carry out repairs and maintenance on a regular basis,to avoid failure affect production.Such as running deviation conveyor,the middle transition bin not feeding,aggregate feeding door plugging material,belt machine skid in rainy days,powder feeding is slow.

Encountered such problems, it may affect the entire concrete production line, so to find the problem in time and find a solution, can increase production and reduce losses.

1.Appeared in the process of producing concrete batching plant such as the middle excessive warehouse not discharge to the mixer,you should check the powder scale,cement scale,water scale weighing whether or not in place. check whether the limit switch in the middle excessive warehouse testing in place,concrete mixer discharge door is closed in place.

2.The middle of the excess warehouse to open and then close the time can not detect the closing signal, you should use manual open and closed test, if not yet you should check the limit switch and the line is good or bad, Whether there is an aggregate on the door sticking on the above, or open the door of the adjustment bolt is loose, there is no adjustment in place.

3.Check whether the concrete mixing host has material, if not unloading, can press the discharge door button after reach the mixing time, advanced discharge.