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why concrete mixing plant should equipped with sealed steel structure ?



Dust will appear in the process of production ,which is the phenomenon that we don't want to see . On the one hand, it is waste of raw materials, on the other hand,it will pollute the environment , in addtion , if the dust run into the equipment ,it will also block  concrete mixing plant machine, affecting the service life and the work performance of the machine.The seal steel structure of concrete mixing station can solve the above problems .Today we will talk about it .

Its main functions are divided into three aspects, which are preventing dust when the raw materials are in the warehouse , preventing dust in the transport process and preventing  the dust of powder tank breathing hole and silo bottom . The first case of dust is mainly related to wind speed and the dry degree of raw materials , So regularly spraying of raw material is very  necessary , but it is not enough, if the wind is big enough . while  by the seal steel structure can we solve this problem very well . Second, when the raw material is in the process of transportation , due to the raw materials is directly exposed to the air , the dust will occur at this time, if there is a large wind. The sealing belt corridor is very necessary at this moment . At last, the machine also should be equipped with the seal steel structure at the powder empowerments and silo bottom and installed a vacuum cleaner at the same time , which greatly reducing the dust.

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