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Concrete mixing plant purchase points


1.the performance grad of the concrete construction; Therefore choose what kind of mixing host. Such as water conservancy project must choose compulsory mixing host.

2.The task load of the concrete construction and time limit for a project; With the two parameters to decide how to use the specification of concrete mixing plant.
3.Construction environment and construction object; When choosing to buy concrete mixing plant, should fully consider the effect of construction object and environment, so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality.
4.When the site of a one-time pouring amount is larger, higher quality requirements, and no reinforcements near the plant, had better choose two specifications smaller concrete mixing plant, or select a primary a pair of double machine configuration.
5.When the site traffic inconvenience, maintenance personnel in and out of the site need to spend a lot of time,Had better choose smaller with the same specifications of the double machine plant, or prepare enough spare parts, to ensure construction progress smoothly.
6.Operating personnel quality; in general, small concrete mixing plant control system is simple, so the low required for operation and maintenance personnel. And larger stand structure is complex, high degree of automation, so taller also to the requirement of the operating personnel.