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concrete mixer pump for construction


Concrete mixer pump for

Concrete mixer pump is combined by the concrete pump and the mixer of conveying equipment,for clients to reduce the cost pressure and complicated operating procedure, make the customer's operation more simple, more convenient, higher degree of automation.

The equipment adopts full hydraulic pressure duplex pumping system, greatly improve the overall reliability of the machine,with compact structure, reasonable and smooth operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, transmission distance, mobile convenience, easy maintenance, low use cost a lot of advantage.

1.Walking with a round, mobile, convenient and flexible
2.Working status using four leg fixed, stable and reliable.
3.Electric cabinet is equipped with remote control handle, all operation function can be remote controlled pump feeding, make the product more human nature.
4.Adopt advanced smooth S tube valve commutation, can satisfy the conveying, and not easy blocking pipe.
5.Glasses plate and the cutting ring adopts high hardness alloy material, longer life.
6.High outlet pressure can satisfy the requirement of high-rise building and construction of long distance transmission.
7.High wear resistance of concrete cylinders, guarantee and increase the service life of the pump, to reduce the user's maintenance costs.