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concrete mixer machine


A set of concrete mixer structure include Driving device,shaft seal,tank and liner,Upper cover and water inlet,Observation window,lifting hopper,Cylinder,repair platform.Stirring direction is from the middle of the two shaft to both sides, The mixture is parabolic and the stirring shaft is running at the same time,In this way, the material can be produced in the shortest time.

Lifting hopper:Not all of JS mixers have lifting hopper,JS500 to JS1500 included, but the model of JS2000 and above are not included,Raise the lifting hopper up to the mixer limit switch, the bottom door open, the material into the mixer.

The lubrication system is composed of electric lubricating pump, oil pipe and so on.The lubricating oil is supplied to the four shaft seal through an electric oil pump,The lubricating oil forms a high-pressure protective layer on the shaft seal,To prevent mud erosion of the shaft seal.

The mixing device consists of the main shaft, the stirring arm, the blade, the scraper and so on. The two main shafts are equipped with 6-7 stirring arms,The stirring arm on the same main shaft is distributed in 60 degrees,The relative angle of the two shaft is fixed, and the fixed relationship is guaranteed by the coupling of the reducer,The water inlet is on both sides of the upper cover of the blender, and with the rinsing of the water, the scraper at each end will scrape off the mixture on both sides of the tank.