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Concrete Batching Plant purchase guide



HZS90 concrete batching plant theoretical productivity of 90m ³ / h, the actual productivity 75m ³ / h or more because of equipment and operating, HZS90 concrete batching plant is the model widely used in the construction of currently , in order to ensure the efficiency ,to save maximum funds, high reliability. Modular structure design ensure that installation, demolition more convenient, safe operation, comfortable, reliable, product mixing effect, high production efficiency. What are the aspects that users should consider when purchasing HZS90 concrete batching plant?



Buying concrete batching plant is not the same as buying usual things we can change again if the quality is bad, but concrete batching plant is not the same, it belongs to large equipment, the investment cost is relatively high, investors should pay attention to concrete batching plant Quote and quality. there are many other manufacturers offer lower than Henan Better Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, but our quality assurance, although the price is low, but the quality is not guaranteed. And some particularly large manufacturers themselves consumption (advertising, human input) larger, of course, higher prices.So, this cost-effective manufacturers should be chose like Henan Better Heavy Industry Co., Ltd .



Moreover,concrete batching plant quality must be passed.Firstly ,paying attention to the mixing host model, Henan Better Heavy Industry Co., Ltd HZS90 concrete batching plant host with JS1500 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer. Secondly, but also depends on gravel aggregate weighing system, the common medium-sized:PLD1200 concrete batching machine, PLD1600 concrete batching machine and PLD2400 batching machine. Henan Better Heavy Industry Co., Ltd HZS90 concrete batching plant standard configuration with PLD2400. Then,Depends on the control system,general users maybe choose fully automatic system with a key operation ,that is,everything can be expected after choosing the number of cement silo needed. Printer, computer, strong power cabinet users matching.Finally, the concrete batching plant also depends on the number of cement silos, the size and other accessories included, such as weighing systems.

The above is the introduction of the Henan Better Heavy Industry Co., Ltd HZS90 concrete batching plant.Hope that it can help you. If you need concrete batching plant, or interest in investing in concrete batching plant, you can inquire (+86 185 9561 3970), our company provides professional guidance and investment planning!