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Concrete batching plant each part working principles


 Concrete batching plant each part working principles:

1.double shaft concrete mixer
Mixing system is composed of electric motor, reducer, exposed gear, and lubrication system.
There are two horizontal mixing shafts in the mixing drum, and the mixing blades are fixed at the two mixing shafts.The reducer with double gear is driven by electric motor, and the two shafts driven by exposed gear are rotating in the opposite direction at the same speed.
There is one discharge gate at the bottom of the mixing drum, discharging by manual handle or pneumatic device. 
2.Control system
Mixer control system after power into the people - machine dialogue interface, the system initialization process, including the recipe number, concrete grade slump, according to producers amount to each silo weighing, measuring bucket for testing. The output material or material over empty signal prompts the operator to determine whether to activate the stirrer control program.
3.Weighting system
By gravimetric measurement method, two forms of measurement and independent metering accumulation. Simple accumulation metering structure, easy maintenance, low loading height, but can not be controlled separately measurement accuracy. Individually controlled independent measurement accuracy, more complex structure, feeding height increases, the cost has increased.
4.Conveying system
Powder delivery devices generally have the following two kinds: simple pneumatic conveying structure, uniform feeding, but long-distance transmission, pressure is difficult to control; screw conveyor long distance transport, easy to overall structural arrangement, reliable, most stirring station or mixing plantWe have adopted the screw conveyor.