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Real stone paint application


Real stone paint application

Introduces the properties and composition of real stone paint, exploring the landscape with an example application of real stone paint texture and color adjustment, revealing the true stone paint application in landscape engineering of adaptability, flexibility and advantages.
Real stone paint (also known as imitation stone paint, glazed quartz sand coating, construction industry standards for synthetic resin emulsion sand texture architectural coatings) Synthetic resin emulsion for the base material, with different sizes of natural sand asaggregate, adding various additives preparation of thick mass building coating. Its decorative effect textured natural and smooth, with natural stone, natural color and strong adhesion, rugged, water resistant and alkali-resistant, weather-resistant (15 years), the advantages of pollution-resistant, colorfast, non-combustible. Nation-building departments to promote green decorative coatings. True mineral varnish finishes usually consists of alkali-resistant primer, intermediate coat paint and varnish composition

Composition of the mineral varnish finishes
1. Primer
Primer is the innermost, whose role is to enhance the waterproof performance of substrate surface to prevent substrate moisture migration caused by phenomena such as efflorescence, and floating, reinforced with intermediate coat paint adhesion between the layers. Primer is divided into water and oil two categories, waterborne Primer by special offine particle size styrene acrylic emulsion and acrylic latex additive, water composition; Oil primer consists of acrylic resin, mixed with hardener and thinner for epoxy resin composition.
2. Intermediate coat paint
Intermediate coat paint is the main mineral varnish finish, composed by emulsion, aggregates, additives and water. Role in bonding and curing of the emulsion, which directly affect the performance of real stone paint type and hardness, General requirements for room temperature curing, good weather resistance and yellowing, resistant to stains, paint spray with water, such as white, acrylic or silicone-acrylic emulsion or fluoride resin emulsion. Outside of texture and color, aggregate, and block UV rays, anti-aging effect. Aggregate available natural detritus, ceramic particles, colored sand, colored glass pieces, usually with different size sand mix as the main material. Additives main membrane additives, anti-freezing agent, thickening agent, deforming agent, bactericide.
3. Cover painting
Paint overlay is the outermost layer of the mineral varnish finishes, its role is to improve the real stone paint gloss, durability and stain resistance. It is also divided into water and oil two types, oily surface paint generally consists ofthermoplastic acrylic resins or silicone-modified acrylic resin and solvent composition; Water covers painted by acrylic or silicone-acrylic emulsion, additives and water.