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Technical Characteristics of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant


Technical Characteristics of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Excellent mixing performance: commercial concrete mixing plant adopts double horizontal shaft forced mixer,uniform mixing quality, high productivity. The end seal uses a unique multi seal structure agitator shaft, prevent mortar leakage, ensure long-term operation of the whole system of mixing.

Highly reliable performance: the blades are made of unique wear resistant material, and the shaft end supports and seals adopt a unique multiple seal, which greatly improves the reliability of the mixer host..

Control operating system: the whole machine is controlled by computer. It can be operated automatically or manually, and it is simple and convenient to operate. The dynamic panel shows the operation of each part of the mixing station, and can store all kinds of data of the mixing station and print all kinds of report forms according to the requirements,

Environmental protection performance: all the powder materials in the mixing plant, from feeding, batching, metering, stirring, discharging, are closed under the closed state, thereby reducing the amount of dust emissions. Mixer and belt conveyor enclosed structure, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution of dust and noise.

Advanced technology: the production of commodity concrete is concentrated, large-scale, easy to manage, which is to ensure concrete with high performance and multi-functional conditions, while effectively saving resources.