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Block making machine


The equipment using automatic PLC computer control system, PLC pure Japan imports, citing the Japan technology in automatic control equipment in the past made a big adjustment, the stability of the equipment program to validate into perfection.

     Meanwhile, under the premise of ensuring stability, through continuous improvement, equipment for shock and vibration frequency, with the unique hydraulic and auxiliary systems, products produced using the device compactness and strength improve, make up the brick enough pressure that exists on the market today, doubts about the quality of brick's shortcomings. This device replaces the mold can produce various model sizes of hollow block and standard brick, colored brick, previous brick, hexagonal, and manhole brick, curb, cement pad and so on more than one machine use the effects, you want to produce different products and equipment are removed from the resulting waste of money.

      Parameters of QT5-20B

Brick machine QT5-20B
Vibration force  68 kn
Vibration frequency 5000 r/min
amplitude 15 mm
Noise 95 dp
Vibration time 5 s
Dimensions 4800*2000*2700mm
Capacity 35 kw
Weight 8.5 t
Pressure 10 t
Pallet size 1200*580*30 mm
Space needed 3000 m2
Hollow brick 390*190*190 mm
Productivity 900/h
Mold cycle 20 s
Pieces each time 5 pc

Full block plant lay out 

Machines needed for the full plant

Production line set up Item Qty
QT5-20b 1 set
Control cabinet 1 set
Pallet feeder 1 set
Hydraulic system 1 set
Pigment feeding machine 1 set
Stacker 1 pc
Belt conveyor 1 set
Accessories and tools 1 set
Mold 1 set
Batching machine   2 / 3 bin  1 set
Concrete mixer (js500) 1 set
Pan mixer                 1 set
Cement silo 30t 1 set
Screw conveyor 1 set

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