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 Cement silo are commonly used in bulk cement storage in concrete mixing plants. Bulk cement storage is a closed storage tank for bulk materials suitable for storage of food, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials. The location of the material and how many holes can be released from the material deposited for too long and strong. Cement tank and spiral pump with the use of materials can be transported to various locations The tank is easy to install safe and reliable is a variety of mixing station ideal bulk storage tank.

Cement is a large-scale closed tank for the storage of bulk cement is generally used for construction, water and so on. Although the daily maintenance of the cement silo is generally based on the top of the cement silo to maintain the form of dust .

Routine maintenance as follows:

First of all, the most important part of the daily maintenance of the cement silo is the cleaning of the external cleaning of the cement silo thats very simple to take water rinse on the line. As for the internal cleaning must be very serious treatment, the general cement warehouse has a dust collector, broken arch devices such as the use of tools.  In the cleaning of the cement warehouse are generally used when the cleaning agent, but after cleaning to pay attention to the warehouse can not leave any water, then the warehouse is easy to rust. And some people will ask if there is a cricket in the warehouse how to do? When faced with this situation the best way is to use a hammer or a shovel will be the body of the cricket hammered or shoveled in the cleaning warehouse.

The second , paying attention the cement silo equipment to regularly check the dust collector need to be replaced, but also to ensure that the dust cleaner, regular inspection of the cement warehouse cleaning mechanism, induced draft fan operation, whether these are normal. As well as the cement warehouse of the sealed parts are normal, and to develop the habit of regular replacement. these routine maintenance of the machine to do the normal operation of the machine to improve the efficiency of the machine, but also improve the life of the machine.