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Cement silo for concrete batching plant


       Silo (from Greece σιρός--siros, is a structure for storing bulk materials. Silos for storing grain in agriculture or fermented feed known as silage. Silos are commonly used for bulk storage of grain, coal, cement, fly ash, carbon black, wood, food products and wood chips. Three types of silos are widely used today: silos, bunker silos and Bag silos.

There are different types of cement silo and other low-level mobile silos and static upright silos, Lowerlevel silos is fully mobile with capacity from 10 to 75tons. They are simple to transport and is easy to set up on site. Mobile silos are equipped with electronic weighing system with LED digital display. This allows any number of cement or flour silos controlled discharge from l and also provides precise indications in the silo. Static silo with capacity from20 to 80 tons. These are considered low-maintenance options as a cement or otherpowders. Cement silo can be used in conjunction with the feed bin batching plants.

Cement can be stored in different types of cement silos like reinforced concrete silos, horizontal silo, the bolted type silo depends on the user's demands. Although moving 90MT cement silos came in relatively small storage capacity, reinforced concrete silos can store virtually thousands of tons of cement. Cost and construction time and easy compromise is bolted type silo advantages. These silos can be used in a factory, manufacturing, and then erected on site use of bolted panels with special rubber seals small interlayer.