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CE certificated dry mixing mortar wall line putty machine


 CE certificated  dry mixing mortar wall line putty machine

Product discription:

Simple type dry mortar production line is mainly composed of zero gravity mixing machine, powder silo, packing screw, etc.Single batch mixing 1-2 tons, daily output 30 to 60 tons.Simple single type dry mortar production line of dry powder mixer belongs to horizontal mixer ,we also has enclosed cylinder type and U type horizontal powder mixer.

Product features:

Single simple type dry mortar production line running smoothly, reasonable matching, convenient operation, simple maintenance and high output, low noise, is a choice of people and small businesses.Our dry mortar equipment is on the basis of a more efficient ribbon dry powder mixing machine,  increasing power feeder, material storage tank, automatic filling machine and electric control cabinet, to form effective and reasonable, easy manipulation convenient flow operation system.After mixing through transporting pipe into the material storage bin, dry powder mixing machine can be continuous feeding, continue to stir, and improved the production efficiency.


The height of the simple type dry mortar equipment is not more than three metersordinary houses can be factory to production, solved the traditional dry mortar production line to be the problem of higher plants, and can realize automatic measurement, automatic filling, saves time and effort and more accurate, in the case of a small investment to realize the automatic feeding, automatic discharging, is one of the most simple and practical dry mortar production line.


Simple type of dry mortar equipment can meet the different performance requirements of dry mortar, putty powder, dry materials, adhesives, insulation powder mortar products ,such as : putty powder, coating, bonding mortar, masonry mortar, plaster mortar, insulation mortar, decoration mortar and mortar series products, and covers an area of small, less investment, quick effect, simple operation (2-3 people to operation), etc.

The main technical parameter:

model CG-300 CG-500 CG-1000
ppower of agitator(kw) 2.2 5.5 7.5
hoisting power(kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2
vield(kg/batch) 300 500 1000

Product show: