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belt conveyor machine


There are two types belt on the concrete mixing plant,Oblique belt and Horizontal belt,the horizontal belt is used on batching machine,oblique belt for transfer material from batching machine to concrete mixer.

The different between belt conveyor concrete mixing plant and skip type concrete mixing plant is the feeding method,skip type concrete mixing plant use bucket to lift the materials,but the belt conveyor concrete mixing plant adopts oblique belt to transfer materials.

The structure of the belt machine includes conveyor belt, belt support, roller and rotary drum, aligning device, Tension Device, driving device, reversing device, aisle, rain cover.Belt machine adopt ring belt and exclusive design of truss structure,large conveying capacity, long conveying distance,reliable and stable, low power consumption.

Motorized pulley has reducer built-in type and external reducer type,Because the external reducer is bulky and noisy,Henan Better using reducer built-in type,has advantage of low noise, convenient maintenance and durability.