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Why belt concrete mixing station mixing station is more expensive than the skip concrete batching plant ?



When the customers want to buy a belt concrete mixing station , they always think belt mixing station is expensive, off couses, but it is for we will talk about why the belt concrete mixing plant is more expensive than the skip concrete mixing station .

First, the belt mixing station belt is very long and wide , the average length of this belt is 100 meters, and it is of good quality material , whose cost is more than tens of thousands of yuan. Second, the belt mixing station has many additional structures and a lot of external components , such as mixing station platform , batching machine platform and the uppermost peripheral members . In addition, the mixer also widened the four-legs. Each platform has a ladder, the operator can operate freely up and repair . Of course, the belt mixer is not a panacea, it also has many drawbacks, such as covering large area ,installation and dismantling is trouble . According to statistics , migrating a belt mixing station at least need to spend 80,000 yuan RMB , in addition, another drawback is that belt mixing station price is too high .


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