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What are the advantages of the belt concrete mixing station ?



As we all know, belt concrete mixing station is more expensive than other types of mixing station . Since it is so expensive, it must has its advantages. Today we will talk about the advantages of belt concrete mixing plant .

First of all , we take the HZS60 and JZS50 as example ,The actual production rate of HZS60 is 55 ㎡/h . While the actual production rate of JZ50 is 35 ㎡/h . From this we can see that it has large productivity . second , belt mixing station appearance looks very stylish and very grand . Last , the belt mixing station failure rate is very small , according to the statistics, failure once every two years on average . In addtion , Even if the belt mixing station has some problem , the maintenance is also simple, general staff will soon be able to solve it.

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