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Batching machine


 There are four kinds sorts of methods of batching machine:

1.Sorts of ingredients grade,it will be divided into 1 bin,2 bins,3 bins,

4 bins,5bins.

2.According to the matching mixer model is divided into PLD800,


3.Sorts of weighing method,it will be divided into accumulate measurement and separate measurement.

4.Sorts of operation method,it will be divided into belt type and cylinder type.

PLD batching machine consist of storage bin, support frame, feeding system, weighing system, conveying system, electronic control sytem.

The upper part of the accumulated batching machine is a raw material storage hopper, the lower part is a weighing hopper, and the bottom is a discharge conveying belt,The belt conveyor takes out the material from the storage hopper to the set value and the belt stops,Then, under the control of the control instrument, the other materials are arranged in turn. After the completion of material weighing, the control instrument is controlled to start the discharge belt to send the material into the hoist bucket.
Accumulative weighing batching machine is mainly used in small and medium-sized mixing plant,such as HZS25,HZS35,HZS50,HZS75.

The upper part of the individual weighing is a raw material storage hopper like the accumulated weighing, the lower part is a measuring hopper,Each hopper is equipped with a separate measuring hopper,All aggregate weighing at the same time can greatly shorten the time,and can guarantee a higher weighing accuracy,After the weighing is completed, the material from the bottom belt conveyor into the mixer.

The individual weighing batching machine is mainly used in large concrete batching plant,such as HZS60 and above.