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Arranging the concrete mixing station need attention


 1.Reasonable decorate venues guarantee of construction progress 
Concrete mixing plant is often used in concrete volume of large, long construction period and construction site concentration of large project, because the concrete mixing station belongs to the joint device of mixing concrete, so it site layout is particularly important,between each system need to be reasonable and scientific assembly, if the installation site restrictions, this will lead to concrete batching plant is not completed and reasonable system assembly,and also want to consider the concrete mixing station operation conveying material and finished product transportation is convenient, only the reasonable decorate venues, to ensure the progress of the project.
2.Adjust measures to local conditions Flexible layout
According to the actual situation of the construction site for concrete mixing station more flexible layout.But before installation, field should be level off in good condition, and compaction, and press release details of the position (details should be held until after completion of equipment installation), pre-made components supporting base, the mixed material storage and the concrete pier of the powder feed system to give good secondary grouting anchor bolt holes.

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