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Why the breaking arch in the cement silo devices



The prevention and elimination of cement silos, hoppers, bifurcation pipe material arching, hopper blockage, sticking to the wall.


Arch is suddenly strong air jets of compressed air, in excess of Mach a (Sonic) speed block fault zone directly into the storage of bulk materials, this sudden release of expanding shock wave, and to overcome the static friction materials, to make the material flows in the tank.

It uses aerodynamic principles, job media is air, by a differential pressure devices and automatic control of the quick exhaust valve, transient air pressure transform into a Jet the air force, with a powerful impact. Its a clean, pollution-free, low power consumption,  ideal for blocking blowing equipment.

Arch-breaking device structure is simple, safe and convenient to use, impact, safety, energy saving, automatic control, simple operation, does not damage the cartridges well as advantages, is currently the best arch-flow devices.