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Twin shaft concrete mixer using the procedure


 Twin shaft concrete mixer using the procedure

(1)Have an overall check of fastener at the end of the installation, if have not no any problems then start to drive to inspect, then empty trial run for 1-3 hours, until everything can be carried out using the normal feeding and carefully observe a period of time to see if there are shocks, abnormal vibration, noise and oil spills and other unusual circumstances
(2)the switching sequence agencies should be noted when using a double shaft concrete mixer to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and arrive the ideal mixing effect
a)Turn on the electric air lock and the water valve after the concrete mixer operating 30s (the mixer does not start, electric air lock must be prohibited working)
b) When the shutdown, first off the electric air lock, and then turn off the water supply valve,until the material has been completely conveyed, then cut off the mixer's power (electric air lock is not turned off, the mixer power can not be off)
(3)The pressure of sprinkler should be kept without much volatility to ensure the evenness of the amount of water and maintain the humidity consistent.When start using it, you should carefully adjust the manual valve, until after the humidity conditioning is suitable for removing the handle, Then just to turn on the total supply valve only when starting up the power in the later operation.
(4)Please stop operation and check it immediately when abnormal conditions or the bearing overheated, high oil temperature (> 100 ℃), etc.happens in the normal working.The gland bolt should be adjusted properly when the stuffing box go wrong with ash or water leakage until the ash and the water not leak. It can not be adjusted too tight to avoid extra burden and increased shaft wear.
(5)In order to reduce the ash dry mixing effect,please clean thoroughly the ash of the casing and the blade after hours everyday.