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Concrete mixing station routine maintenance work:


 Concrete mixing station routine maintenance work:

1, to ensure cleaness of the machine and the surrounding areas.
2, the timely removal of accumulated material in the hopper, the sensor normal to zero.
3. Check the oil lubrication points adequacy of the gas system in the mist should maintain sufficient oil.
4. Check the electrical, electronics or without overheating, abnormal noise, the instrument indicates whether the normal signal system is intact.
5, regular inspection, adjustment cylinder, valve and solenoid valve, so that the opening and closing to meet the requirements.
6, regularly check the system, such as tainted ash, leakage, oil spills and leakage phenomenon must be promptly treated.
7, mixers and the hopper should be cleaned once every four hours, in order to avoid residual concrete consolidation, impede the normal operation.
8, the class should let go of the air compressor, air tank and filters the water inside, and troubleshoot the operation appears.
9, valve, mixer, solenoid valves, air filters and oil mist, etc. in accordance with the maintenance manual.