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Our delivery for 10 ton per hour dry mortar production line going to Ukraine


 In the morning the sky was partly cloudy, but the cloud gathered so quickly we didn’t even notice.

Our container arrived on time, and our dry mortar plant was ready the day before.

As we loading, the rain started, luckily we got umbrella in the factory, we were loading in the rain…

Now the shipment is in the sea heading towards customer.

10 ton per hour dry mortar plant parameters:

Bellt lifting hopper 4 kw
Premix hopper 2 m3
Twin shaft mixer 15 kw
Finished product hopper 7.5 kw 2.5 m3
Packing machine 3 kw
Dust colloctor 5.5 kw 5000m3/h
control system 220 v/ 380 v
Steel platform Channel steel, φ219 pipe
Air compressor 7.5 kw 
Cables International standard
Installation As per request
Dimensions 7.5*4*9 m
Space needed 35 m2
Weight 6 t
Operator needed 3-4
Optional parts cement silo, screw conveyor, buket conveyor, auto weighing system