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customer visited factory


   Our customer visited our factory on 11th October,it was wonderful news for us.The Nation day in China just finnished,we came back
to the working state after 7 days holiday.When we finished our holiday,we could meet our customer from Bangladesh,which gave us motivation to work well.How great it is!

   We got up early to wait the Bangladesh customer in our factory,at 9:00am,they arrived in our factofy.They looks very handsome,and
they are very gentlemen.

   After some simple words with each other,we led them to visit our facoty and concrete batching plant and concrete mixers etc.They took many photos with our machine.They told us they liked our machine.Then we led them to vist our control systems.They observed different control systems and compared them each other.They are very cute.

  When them left our factory,they said us that they hope establish the long business cooperation with us.